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Working Visa KITAS (index 312)

If you are going to be officially employed in Bali you have to have a
working visa KITAS, because local authorities are very strict with expats working
in Bali illegally (If you break this law you can expect big fines and deportation).

Working visa KITAS Bali

To apply for working visa in Indonesia you should first find a company that
is willing to employ you and this company will become your Visa Sponsor.

Working visa will be valid for 6 months of stay and you will be required
to apply for new visa again at the end of those 6 months. In few cases you can apply for
KITAS extension without living Indonesia, certain request will be made to Immigration
office in Jakarta and they will decide if you should leave Indonesia or not to extend your
working visa).

In some cases you can apply for 5 years working visa that is extended yearly.
At this moment this 5 years KITAS can only be obtained in following situation:

  • You are a director for PMA type of company in Indonesia.
  • You are a qualified personnel with both degree & min 5 years of experience
    in the same area that you are going to work in Indonesia.

How to receive a working visa


Gather all the needed documents from the future Employer and the Employee.

Documents submitted by the Employer (Visa Sponsor Company)

  1. 10 company letterheads, signed by the company director, and stamped with the
    company stamp
  2. Copy of the company’s business license letter and registration (SIUP) and (TDP)
  3. Company official address
  4. Organization structure
  5. Copy of the company’s act
  6. Copy of the company’s locality letter (SKTU) – Surat Keterangan tempat
  7. Copy of the company’s tax number (NPWP) – Nomor Poko Wajib
  8. Copy of the employee contract (for companies employing foreigner)
  9. Copy of the director’s identity card (KTP)
  10. Copy of the report to the labor department adapted by UU no. 17, 1981

Employee (Visa Applicant):

  1. Copy of ALL pages of the travel passport, valid at least 18 months.
  2. Diploma (translated into English or Indonesian if needed)
  3. Health insurance valid for 1 year
  4. CV (in english)
  5. Photo: 2×3, 3х4, 4х6 (6 pcs of each, made on RED background)


Submit all the paperwork to Immigration service and receive a TELEX After you provide all
the documents we will take care of all the paperwork with Immigration service in Jakarta
and receive a TELEX for you that will grant you the permission for the visa. This TELEX could
be used to receive your KITAS in the Embassy of Indonesia.

Attention: All the paperwork to receive a TELEX from Immigration
office in Jakarta will require at least 2 months.


Apply for your working visa (KITAS) in the Embassy of Indonesia in your
home country (or any other country that accepts invitations)

When you apply for your Visa in the Embassy you should bring:

  • your valid passport
  • filled-in application form
  • 2 photo 3×4
  • TELEX (official document from the Immigration office in Jakarta
    that give your permission to apply for working visa)

Visa fee in the Embassy is 100 USD.


  1. Work permit fee is 100$ for each month.
  2. In you KITAS it will be stated who is your Employer and what job you gonna
    carry. You are NOT allowed to work for other companies or do other jobs on this KITAS.
  3. If you received 6 months KITAS you are required to leave the country within this
  4. 6 months period. In case if you have leave a bit later you have get a permission from
    Immigration office and pay the overstay. You will be required to provide your return
  5. If you received a 1 year KITAS you are required to apply for closing this KITAS
    before you leave the country.


In case if you need to get an exit permit, close your KITAS working visa
or extend (renew) it, we are providing these services as well.

KITAS visa renewal & extension

Price: 5 500 000 IDR

Documents needed for KITAS extension:

  • passport
  • bluebook
  • IMTA
  • DPKK
  • copy of all the company registration documents

You should apply for KITAS renewal at least 2 month prior it’s expiry date. You won’t be
allowed to leave the country after your applied for new KITAS.

Closing KITAS & exit permit

1. 1 year KITAS visa closing procedure: 800 000 IDR;
2 6 months KITAS visa closing procedure: 500 000 IDR;
3. 6 months exit permit with unlimited trips: 1 500 000 IDR;
4. 12 months exit permit with unlimited trips: 2 000 000 IDR.

Documents needed:

  • passport
  • bluebook
  • IMTA
  • DPKK
  • RPTK
  • Return ticket from Bali
  • 1 piece of company letterhead, signed by the company
    director, and stamped with the company stamp.

Types of Indonesian visa

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