Russian Affairs Consultant in Bali
Российский консультант по делам на Бали
Ungasan - Bali, Indonesia

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Legalizing Indonesian Documents :
To be valid in Russia

  • Wedding certificates from Bali Civil Office
  • Birth certificate from Bali Civil Office
  • Notarial documents (contracts/business agreement)
  • Power attorney from Bali Notary


Documents will be stickered & stamp in jakarta :
Indonesian ministry foreign affair,
Indonesia ministry of Law and human rights
Russian Embassy
Process 3 weeks


Russian Embassy requested not to laminate your document which
will be legalized, as the stamp will be in the back page of the document!



Document Requirements for legalize Moslem Wedding Book:


  • Original wedding book (Husband & Wife)
  • Copy ID (Husband & Wife)
  • Copy of wedding book that already legalize in KUA (need 1 copy)
  • Copy of CNI from embassy/Consulate that already translate into
    Indonesian Language
  • Copy certificate Islamic religion
  • Copy divorce certificate if status already married before
  • Power attorney for courier with stamp duty 6000

Documents will be stickered & stamp in jakarta :
in the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
in the Indonesian Ministry of Human Right,
in the indonesian Ministry of Religion,
and the Russian Embassy.
Process 1 month



Consultant Russia office
Perumahan Bali Kencana Resort 2
Block merpati No. 10
Ungasan - Bali, 80364 Indonesia
(Visit Via Uluwatu & Bali Cliff Street)
Email : bali[at]
phone : (+62) 851 0079 1560

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