Honorary Consul of
Russian Federation in Bali

Почетный Консул Российская Федерация на Бали
Ungasan - Bali, Indonesia
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Birth Certificate

Both Parents Russian Citizens

For baby born in Indonesia, can get Russian birth certificate and Russian Passport
from Russian Embassy – Consular Section Jakarta.


  • Both parents Russian citizens and married officially
  • Marriage certificate
  • Letter from hospital
  • And mother/father Russian international passport
  • And mother/father Russian Local passport
  • Fill in forms
  • And 5 baby color photos, white background, size 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • Mother or father color photos 2 pieces, white background, size 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • (Father or mother) must go personally to Russian Embassy in Jakarta
  • By Russian law you must register during 30 days after delivery baby
  • Administration fee USD 10
  • Process 2 weeks-1 month
  • Russian Passport 1 day for child

Mix Marriage
(but want child have Russian passport)

  • Mix marriage case, child  need first obtain “Birth Certificate”
    from Indonesia civil office, Later to be
    legalized  in Russian Embassy
    and Indonesian Ministries.
  • And also “Married Certificate” produce from Indonesian Civil office
    or Ministry of religion need to be
    legalized   in Russian embassy
    and Indonesian Ministries (Our office can help to
    these documents).
  • In case of mix marriage, other nationality parent must prepare
    a letter which agreed child will be Russian citizen.
  • Single mother/If not officially married (do not have wedding certificate)
    just stated empty (in husband column) in hospital report and get
    Russian birth certificate and later passport.
  • Mix marriage case (with Indonesian), child born in Indonesia can make
    Indonesian birth certificate and passport also(double citizenship).

During 60 days parents (mix marriage with Indonesian citizen)
must register child in Indonesian Immigration office
(and obtain AFFIDAVIT card /Child visa)
if child holding Russian passport and double citizens.

For mix citizen parents (Russia and Indonesia) baby automatically has 2 citizenships,
And child can have 2 passports till 18 years old, after 18 to 21 years old
according Indonesian immigration law child must decide their citizenship.
(if already 21 years old and not report to Indonesian immigration,
that you choose Indonesian citizen, your Indonesian citizen automatically cancelled)

For details contact Russian Embassy - Consular section,
Jakarta  or Russian Honorary Consul in Bali
Jakarta Phone : 021 522 5195 - Bali : 0851 0079 1560
Email Jakarta: consindonesia@mid.ru – Bali :  rusconsulbali@gmail.com
office open from 9 am till 1 pm

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