Honorary Consul of
Russian Federation in Bali

Почетный Консул Российская Федерация на Бали
Ungasan - Bali, Indonesia
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Bring Cash To Indonesia
Ввоз наличных денег:

In accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation No. 20/2/PBI/2018
concerning Amendments to Bank Indonesia Regulation
No. 19/7 / PBI / 2017 concerning Carrying Out of Foreign Banknotes Into and Outside the Indonesian Customs Area...


(To bring hard cash to Indonesia : not more than 1,000,000,000 Rupiah.
if you bring more than 100 milion rupiah or the same equivalent
in another currency, you must declare in customs card and report to
customs officer, if you failed to report it will be 10% penalty)

(Чтобы привести наличные деньги в Индонезию: Не более чем
1,000,000,000 рупий.
если вы привезли более 100 миллионов рупий или тот же эквивалент
в другой валюте на взрослого человека,
Вы должны заявить в таможенной карточке. и доложить таможеннику,
если вы не сообщите, штраф будет 10%)


Latest Regulation 203/2017 from Ministry of Finance,
Few noticeable change as follow :

1. Passenger are granted a tax and duty exemption of FOB (Free On Board)
    USD 500 on their personal goods per person
2. The taxes and duties exemption on personal goods for family is eliminated;
    rather the exemption is given per person as mentioned previously
3. Upon exceeding amount, the application of flat import duty of 10%
4. Allowance import of excisable goods and excise exemption for passenger:
     200 cigarettes, 25 cigars, or 100 grams of tobacco and/or
     1 liter of alcoholic beverages


To bring hard cash to Indonesia :
more than 100,000,000 rupiah or the same equivalent in another
currencies per person, you must declare to customs !

Mentioned in the PP (Government Regulation), also regulation 157/2017
from ministry of Finance, any person who fails to declare carrying of Cash
and / or other Payment Instruments as mentioned subject to administrative
sanction in the form of a fine of 10% (ten percent) of the total amount of
cash and / or Instrument Other Payment brought with a maximum amount of
Rp 300.000.000,00 (three hundred million rupiah).

In addition, any person who has notified Cash Advance and/or other Payment
Instruments as intended, but the amount of cash and/or other Payment
Instruments brought are greater than the amount notified shall be liable to
administrative sanctions in the form of a fine of 10% (ten percent) of the
excess cash and/or other Payment Instruments brought, with a maximum
amount of Rp 300,000,000.00 (three hundred million rupiah).



Bring Animal in or out of Bali Island
Ввоз собак и других животных на Бали:


Based on the consideration of the situation and conditions of animal diseases
transmitted abroad and domestically, the Government issued bans.
The prohibitions are :

1. Prohibit to bring in/importing animals and animal products from countries
    in the Continent: America, Africa, Asia and Europe unless permission is given
    by the Government.

2. Prohibit to bring in/importing, bringing out/exporting dogs, cats,
    monkeys and similar animals from the region/country to/from Bali Province.
    (‎Запрет на ввоз/импорт, вывоз/экспорт собак, кошек, обезьян и
    аналогичных животных из региона/страны в/из провинции Бали.)

(Decree of the Minister of Agriculture RI No.1696 / 2008)

Animal Quarantine Requirements and Procedures
(Not Dogs, Cats, Monkeys)

IMPORT Requirements :

1. Equipped with a Health Certificate issued by an authorized official
    in the country of origin and transit country.
2. Certificate of Origin for media classified as other objects, which are
    issued by the producer / processing company in the country of origin.
3. Animal Transport Letters (CITES) for media classified as wild animals,
    which are issued by the CITES Authority in the country of origin.
4. Import Approval (PI) for animal products issued by the Indonesian
    Ministry of Trade.
5. Import Recommendation Letter (SRP) from the Directorate General
    of Livestock and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture of the
    Republic of Indonesia.
6. Halal certificate from the authority of a Muslim institution from
    the country of origin recognized by the MUI.
7. Having a Quarantine Installation if the implementation cannot be
    carried out at the Government Quarantine Installation, which is
    determined by the Head of the Quarantine Agency undername of Minister
    of Agriculture.
8. Reported and submitted to quarantine officers for quarantine actions.

EXPORT Requirements:

1. Equipped with a Health Certificate issued by the Quarantine Veterinarian
    at the expense point.
2. Expenditure Recommendation Letter (SRP) for Carrier Media classified
    as Livestock Animals issued by the Directorate General of Livestock
    and Animal Health, Ministry of Agriculture.
3. Plant and Animal Foreign Transport Letters (SATSLN/CITES) for carrier
    media belonging to Wild Animals published by the Directorate General
    of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation, Ministry of Forestry.
4. Meet other requirements (Import Permit) that are determined/requested
    by the destination/importing country.
5. Reported and submitted to the quarantine officer at the port/
    place of expenditure for quarantine purposes.

The Traffic Procedure of animal/animal product media carrier.

1. The owner/attorney reports the plan for realization of animal entry/
    expenditure to the animal quarantine officer in the airport/sea by
    submitting a quarantine examination application (PPK/PPK Online) no
    later than 2 (two) days before the entry or expenditure, and bringing the
    completeness of the stipulated requirements for import/export/inter-area
    (domestic entry/exit).
    Especially for Animal Origin Material (BAH), Animal Origin Material
    (HBAH) and other objects are delivered at least 1 (one)day before
    entry or expenditure, while for carrier media and other objects
    carried by passengers (arm), the delivery period the report can
    be made at the time of entry/arrival.
2. Animals and animal products that will be passed are handed over
    to quarantine officers for quarantine actions in accordance with
    applicable quarantine legislation


Agricultural Quarantine Agency Denpasar Bali
Address : Jalan Raya Benoa no 20 Denpasar Selatan 80223
Email : info @ Bkpdenpasar.org
Phone :0361-720805

Bali Customs Office
Address : Jalan Airport Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Kuta,
Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
Office Hours :07.30-1700
Telephone: (0361) 9357165

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Honorary Consul of Russian Federation in Bali

Office hours : 09 am to 1 pm
Perumahan Bali Kencana Resort  II
Block Merpati no : 10
Ungasan  - Bali, 80364  Indonesia
Phone: (+62) 851 0079 1560
Email : rusconsulbali@gmail.com

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